Top Things To Check On Your Rental Car Before You Start Self Drive Trip

So you have finally decided to visit Kenya for a private self drive safari, business trip or leisure vacation. Getting the right car is always good but a full well serviced and the functioning car is an added bonus. We at Nairobi car rental Services have put up highlights some of the most important things you must check on a rental car before you even think of getting behind the steering wheel. It is coming to 2022 and we understand the value of having the right rental car for safari, business or leisure road trip in Kenya.

1- First inspect the car exterior – Take some time and walk around the car checking for dents or damages to door, underneath, windows, tyres , roof top. If you notice any damage, report to the staff so they can fix or be-aware to avoid expenses on return.

2- Get inside and inspect more – Check the dashboard to see if everything is working properly. check all lights, fuel gauge, wipers, car door locks and windows functionality, air conditioner plus general cleanliness of the rental car.

3- Inspect engine – A self drive trip in Kenya can get hectic if your rental car has engine problems and so it’s always advisable to check the engine no matter how convincing the car rental company is that everything is ok and good to go. Cheeck battery terminals acid levels of battery plus general water levels.

4- Check for back-up tyres – another important item you can not overlook is a back-up tyre just in case you get a faulty or flat tyre. This is will save you alot of time and money as you dont have to wait for a company mechanic o representative to get you a another tyre.

6 – First aid box – The first aid box is a must feature in any rental car as it saves lives and reduces injury pains before you can get to the nearest hospital. top items to check for in the first aid box include plasters, sterile gauze dressings, bandages, tweezers, eye dressings, safety pins to mention but a few.

7- Mechanic tool box – Another important item to check on your self drive rental car is always the mechanic tools to help you in-case of a breakdown. items to check for include pliers, tow strap, tyre gauge, folding shovel , flash light

8 – Check fuel amount – Most of the Kenya car rental companies will always give you a rental car along with full fuel tank but you still have to check to be sure. You also have to carry an extra jerrycan with back-up fuel just in case you run ouyt gas and cant find the nearest gas station.

Check the above 8 items will help you get a safe and comfortable self drive trip in Kenya. You can rent a car in Kenya today by sending an email to or call us now +254-713510387 to speak with our reservations team.

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