Step By Step Guide To Rent A Car In Nairobi In 2023

Nairobi city is not only Kenya’s capital and busiest destination but also a major tourist hub blessed with a variety of tourist attractions as well as business opportunities making it the perfect destination for business and leisure travelers. COVID 19 has had a major impact on travel but as things settle down, travel will be back. Getting around Nairobi is no easy task given the various road routes and venues and that’s why it’s always important to book private transportation if you plan on visiting Kenya. When you decide to rent a car in Nairobi city either with a driver or for self drive, be guaranteed a safe, comfortable and timely arrival to any destination on your itinerary.

Many travelers always find it hard to book a car , it could be that you cant find the ideal car or dont know how to finalize a booking … we at Nairobi Car Rental Services are here to help you get a deal that suits you budget and needs. Read through this article and learn how to rent a private car for a road trip in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya for that matter.

Go Online – First step when you decide to search for a private car for Kenya safari or business trip is to use the internet and look through the various car rental companies in Kenya ready to offer you a car or any other related service. Google & Yahoo are the two top search engines that will give you help you out with this. There are a variety of companies offering a wide range of rental cars and services at different prices.

Compare Rates Of Various Cars – Click on two or more websites on the first page and look through cars and services offered plus prices offered for each. You can decide to go with the cheapest one but that’s not the case , you first have to determine who you are dealing with and that brings us to the next step

Check Company reputation – With up to 100 Nairobi car rental companies, there is always a chance you might fall victim to fraudsters and that’s why you need to check a company’s reputation and the best way to do this is by reading past client reviews and finding out their current social network updates, address as well phone contacts.

Book Online or in Person – Once you have determined which rental car you want plus which company you are going to use, then you move on to the next step which is getting in touch with the reservations team. You can contact them through the website contact form or visit the office in Nairobi city if you are close by. Alternatively you can call the office lines provided on the website and talk with the reservations team in person.

Confirmation– Once your inquiry has been received, the reservation personnel will answer accordingly giving information about car prices per day and availability. They will also send pictures of the car and driver on request. You can negotiate if prices are above budget or just confirm if prices fit. An invoice will be sent to you with full details including vaild bank account where to make a deposit or full amount, some companies request a 30% deposit and balance be paid on the day of arrival.

How to pay – You can decide to pay online through PayPal, Pesapal , Western Union or Mobile money depending on which transaction method the car rental company offers or just visit the company and pay in cash.

Once all these steps are done, you have finally booked a rental car in Nairobi city. Pack up your bags and get ready for the road trip in Kenya.

To rent a car in Kenya for self drive or with a driver, simply send us an email to or call us now +254-713510387 to speak with the reservations team.

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