Top 3 Marine Parks and Reserves in Kenya

Underwater world is lively beautiful with underwater flora and fauna, marine creatures that are massively exciting for crystal clear photography. Along Kenya’s coastal line are stretching coral reefs, crystalline water with white sand beaches along the Indian Ocean with a great opportunity for marine exploration in 3 of Kenya’s and East Africa’s top Marine parks that include:

Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve
Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve is located in the southern part of Malindi town composed of fringing reefs, coral, sea grass, mangroves, mudflats, high fish diversity, marine mammals, turtles, and shorebirds are easily spotted in the park. The park features a wide range of sports activities like swimming with zebra fish, windsurfing, glass bottom boat rides, camping, and beach walks in the beautiful coral garden. All these activities will activate your adrenaline once you set foot on this remarkably beautiful marine park and reserve.
Next to Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve are the Gedi (Gede) ruins, a historical and an archeological site with a museum and Arabuko Sokoke forest covering 420 square kilometer piece of land between Kilifi and Malindi towns and Vasco Da Gama pillar, named after the Portuguese explorer who stopped in Malindi to hire a guide to voyage with him to India. This pillar is one of the oldest remaining monuments in Africa.

Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve
Watamu marine national park is one of Kenya’s oldest marine parks established in 1968 by the Kenyan government 90 miles north of Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city. The park’s soft and hard coral reefs provide adequate nutrients for an estimated 500 fish species in the main park and over 1000 in the reserve.
Other largest marine animals include; the manta rays, whale sharks, octopus and barracuda and the endangered sea turtles like Green, Hawksbill and the Olive Ridley turtles.
Snorkeling and diving are the major water activities in this Kenyan marine park with the best of the underground water sports.

Mombasa Marine National Park
Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is characterized by the warm azure ocean, swaying coconut palms on white sandy beaches. Mombasa alone harbors several of marine life and interesting migratory birds and exists amidst Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks in Kenya with blue waters suitable for windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, and diving. The park was established in 1986 and covers 100 square kilometers and the reserve takes 200 square kilometers of land.

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