Top 5 Tourist Activities To Do When On Holiday In Kenya

Kenya has long been one of the top safari destinations in Africa, regarded as the birthplace of safari. Blessed with an abundance of wildlife, various cultures plus amazing landscapes & water bodies , there is no denying that a safari in Kenya is always worth every penny you pay.

There are a variety of things to do when on holiday but we have broken them down to top 5 activities guaranteed to give you that full safari experience.

1 – Tour Nairobi City – Nairobi is not only Kenya’s capital and major business center but is also a popular tourist destination popular visited by tourists looking for a short wildlife safari adventure in the Nairobi national park; Kenya’s first national park. A typical Nairobi city tour will include game drive in the park, visit to the Giraffe center, a short trip to the Karen Blixen Museum and of course the infamous nature safari walk where you will get chance to encounter popular wild animals like lions, rhinos, leopards, hippos plus the infamous ivory burning site monument.

2- Do Game drives in Masai mara – Situated in south western Kenya in Narok county is one of Kenya’s most popular wildlife parks. Popularly visited for the wildebeest migration, the park is also home to the infamous BIG FIVE species plus other mammals like the wildbeest, zebras, gazelles, hippos and a variety of bird species. You can get chance to encounter all these during a guided game drive through the park.

3- Visit the maasai communities – The most popular and largest Nilotic group are the Maasi people. They occupy places close to some of the most prominent Kenya safari parks. They speak the Maa language and have been a major cultural attraction in Kenya for ages. A visit to their community is the best chance you will get to interact and witness or get involved in their day to day lives and activities they do. Putting on that shoal and sandles and dance with the Maasai is one of the best cultural experiences in East Africa.

4- Visit Watamu Park – Kenya’s first marine park is another spectacular attraction you can t miss out on your safari holiday in Kenya. Situated north of Mombasa town , Watamu is home to a variety of fish species with up to 600 species recorded plus crustaceans, molluscs, stony coral and invertebrates. Top activities to do when in Watamu park include boat tours, dolphin and whale watching , swimming with dolphins, submarine tours, kayaking, surfing, canoeing among others.

5- Mombasa beach tour – There is no better destination to relax and interact with friends and family than in Mombasa. The second largest city is home to a variety of historic sites as well beaches with the most popular being Diani & Shelly beach. A guided Mombasa tour also offers you cahnce to visit the Haller park, a famous park started by Dr Haller home to a few wild animals including girafes, zebras, water bucks, various bird species and of course the famous 130 year o,de tortoise that adopted a hippo; quite amazing isnt it.

Planning to visit Kenya for safari holiday and still wondering what activities to include in your itinerary, then the above 5 shouldn’t miss out if you want to get the full safari experience in one of Africa’s greatest safari destinations. You can book a Kenya safari adventure online by filling in this short contact form or by simply calling us on +254-713510387 to speak with the reservations team.

We look forward to giving you the best trip of your life

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