Why Hire A Helicopter For Wedding In Uganda

Riding to your wedding reception in a stylish luxury car is the niche these days and there’s no denying that it adds more spice to the entourage. From fancy sports cars like the classic Mercedes Benz models, stretch limousines and vintage cars to fierce looking motor cycles , the list is endless of ideal transport modes for weddings but now people have taken it to another level.

Some are now into fairy tale weddings where the bride and groom ride like King & Queen in a horse carriage while others dream of riding with their loved one on a boat but what amused the most is a flying trip to a reception which brings me to my point.

Ugandan’s have been known to be top party animals in Africa as well as extravagant and plush hence the need to impress better than the others and make headlines across the city. People can now hire a helicopter in Uganda for as low as US$ 400 per hour including pilot, on-board service as well as fuel.

In conjunction with FlyKea & Kampala Aero Club, we at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris have been organizing flying trips for both tourists as well as newly weds and here are some reasons why helicopter rentals in Uganda are the it thing these days.

Unique– It doesnt get any more rare than flying to your wedding in a helicopter. Only a handful can testify that they have been up in the skies before so making it more of a myth to some that haven’t got chance to board a helicopter or any other plane for that matter.

Photography– Forget about taking pictures close to the limousine or Jaguar at a botanical garden, beach side or any other ground place, when you hire a plane, be assured of some of the most fantastic pictures before and after you take off.

Aerial Views– Couples get chance to enjoy views of the city as well as reception from the sky which makes it even more special. Looking at the beautiful landscapes, sky scrappers and people off the ground is really one moment to treasure when going to your wedding.

No worry of delays– Driving your wedding car on road will always land you into traffic jam especially if the reception is in the city and is scheduled to be held on a weekend. However you decide to book a helicopter, all this is just but a myth as you will ride straight to your wedding party with no interruptions from traffic.

Wealth – Last but not least, flying in to your wedding in Uganda shows your wealth and classy , after all not every Tom, Dick & Harry can afford to get a helicopter for a wedding. Family, friends, relatives and well wisher will all be blown away once they see the couple stepping out of helicopter making it a momomet to remember on one of the most special days of a couple’s life.

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