How To Plan For A Budget Kenya Safari In 2023

A Kenyan safari has always been considered for the rich , elite and the old on pension safari package, that is just a myth that was debunked years ago. It doesn’t matter how low your budget is, if you want to explore Kenya’s parks and attractions, you can do it on the most minimal of budgets.

Nairobi Car Rental Services has been organizing self drive and guided safaris in Kenya for both luxury and budget travelers and here are some tips to get an affordable Kenya safari in 2021

Carefully select tourist destination to visit – Make sure you select a destination that is pocket friendly, one that is within your budget range. Always consider the activity fee, park/ attraction entrance fee, accommodation price and gauge it with you have you on Kenya safari budget plan. That way you won’t have to pay for something you can’t afford to save money for other things.

Book with tour operator – As cheap and flexible a self drive road trip is, you will never get a safer and more comfortable road than when you decide for a fully guided Kenya safari package. Car rentals are more affordable and private but booking with a local tour operator ensures you can get where you are going safely. You have to inform the reservations team your budget so they can work around that to create safari package with your price range.

Pick one destination – Going for one Kenya park or attraction is a great way of reducing costs on a Kenya safari, costs on domestic flights, fuel, guide/ driver hire, accommodation are all reduced when you decide to stay in one destination for the vacation. There are many affordable parks and attractions to visit in Kenya , just choose one with the most affordable accommodation and activities to do.

Visit during low season – March, April and May are the low season months in Kenya given the unpredictable wet weather. Accommodation and activity prices all go on discount during these months and so if you are on a tight budget, you can always book during the low season and save some money.

Go for self drive trip – As much as its unsafe , a self drive trip in Kenya is the cheapest way to explore the country. All you need to to is get the right rental car + GPS device / travel map and camping gear and you re good to go. There are a variety of Kenya car rental companies ready to offer you 4×4 cars for self drive , so go online and choose the most reliable and cheapest one available.

If you are planning a budget safari in Kenya , then just follow these tips and save some money. To book a Kenya safari online, simply send us an email to or call us now on +254-713510387 to speak with the reservations team.

Bryan Hulk

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