Why Hire A Driver For Your Road Trip In Uganda

A hired driver or chauffeur is simply a person employed by an individual or company to operate a vehicle transporting passengers from one destination to another. Some travelers may prefer to self drive because it’s a much cheaper, flexible & private option but the comfort and security a private hired driver offers is undeniable.

Uganda is one of the top tourist and business destinations in East Africa popularly visited for her excitingly rich collection of attractions and businesses- from the iconic mountain gorillas to the towering landscapes and sparkling waterbodies not to mention various tribes that are spread across all corners of the country. Exploring these destinations will require a well-serviced private car but you have to make the choice between driving yourself and being driven.

Rent Car Uganda presents to you 5 reasons you should hire a driver if you are planning to self drive Uganda this season. Take a look through a think twice before you book a car without one.

Convenience – One of the top reasons why you should hire a driver is the fact that you get a stress-free road trip as he will be doing all the work. You wont have to worry about driving for long distance, fixing a mechanical problem, changing a tire, restarting a battery, washing the car or any other chore for that matter as your personal driver got you covered.

Route & Road Knowledge – Another reason why self driving Uganda is not better than traveling with a driver is because of the knowledge these guys possess about the roads and routes taken to get there. A GPS may do all this but can’t be as accurate as a local driver since road quality changes and anything can happen at any time and a GPS wont be able to notify you as fast as a driver. A driver knows all the best routes to take and shortcuts if needed.

Car Knowledge – A hired proffessional driver always has adequate knowledge about the car he/ she is driving straight from the exterior parts to the engine. The driver has trained in various aspects of driving including car maintenance and mechanics. He is responsible for the car’s health making sure it’s always serviced before and during a road trip a rarity on self drive trips.

Security – For a more secure road trip around Uganda, you have to travel with a local who knows the place well and that means a tour guide or a driver. Fraudsters & robbers target tourists on self drive knowing they won’t suspect a thing but when you are in the company of a driver- they will fade away plus you get chance to interact with the Ugandan locals.

If you plan to visit Uganda on safari, business or leisure road trip and would love to rent a car for self drive trip, you should consider hiring a driver given all the above advantages. To rent a car and driver in Uganda this season, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to info@rentcaruganda.com or call us now or call us now on +256-779232316 to speak with us today.

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