Nairobi Car Rental Services Check List For 2022

Good knowledge about car rental can make a big difference when on a road trip , it will not only save you money and time but also help you get a great deal. Nairobi city is the capital and second busiest place in Africa and the best way to explore the city, suburbs, beaches and parks is if you rent a car for self drive in Kenya or hit the road with a professional driver.

Nairobi Car Rental Services is proud to present to a Kenya car rental checklist to help guide you during the car booking process.

What do you present to the reservations desk – If you are planning to go on self drive road trip in Nairobi or any other destination in Kenya, we shall require you to send scanned copies of your valid driver’s license and also present the originals when you get the car. You will also leave a security fee of US$ 1000 which will be returned to you upon bringing back the rental car.

Kenya Car Rental Contract – If you plan on driving yourself, you shall have to adhere to the terms and conditions of our self drive rental contract. Kindly read it thoroughly well before you sign on the dotted lines. The contract contains many things including insurance policy, rental date duration, car plates, penalties in case of car damage or collision to mention but a few.

Car Pick-up & Drop-off location – Nairobi car rental services deliver rental cars to it’s a clients at the airport or hotel/ residence within the city at no cost but if you would like to pick up the car in a place like Mombasa or drop it in a location other than the city, a transfer fee will be added to the rental cost.

Check rental car – Before you even lay a foot in the rental car, you should first check it thoroughly inside out and in-case you notice any mechanical problem, car damage or dent, you have to report to the staff to avoid getting fined for damages you didn’t cause. Top items to check on a rental car include air conditioner, dents, dashboard, battery condition, fuel gauge and general cleanliness

Respect return policy – Endeavor to return the rental car on the exact date as agreed in the contract or you risk an extra charge, the expense is usually the same amount for the car per day. If you have to return the car to the airport, don’t dare leave it in some other un-agreed location. Always request the reservations team a chance to extend your rental or drop it off in another location, you will be billed an extra charge but much cheaper than the one you could get if you inform no one.

Drive carefully – Last but not least, always make sure you drive as carefully as you can whether in Nairobi city or parks. This is will help you avoid road accidents or even damage the rental car leading to extra expenses, so be careful and don’t drink and drive, drive at night, over speed, over take, disobey traffic posts among other things that will put you in trouble.

So if you plan on renting a car in Nairobi city for self drive or driver guided trip, the above car rental checklist should help you make the right money & time-saving decision. To book a rental car in Kenya, simply send us an email to or call us now on +254-713510387 to speak with our reservations team.

Bryan Hulk

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