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Kisumu is the 3rd largest city in Kenya located along the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria in Nyanza Province and it is currently the industrial, commercial and transportation hub of western Kenya. Its widely spaced streets are beautified by the British colonial architecture and attained its city status in 2001 with an excellent museum, recreational centers and spacious markets open for long hours for the residents and visitors to purchase food stuffs and other domestic foods, and carry out businesses.

Kisumu’s central business district is home to the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary giving special protection to animals like herds of impalas and zebras which roam freely in the sanctuary and visitors can take a sanctuary walk at a friendly fee. Still within there are animals caged like lions, leopard, cheetahs, baboons, hyena, jackals, bush duikers, bush buck and buffaloes after being rescued at a young age to be protected from danger.
Fishing villages are also along Lake Victoria around the wide waters at Homa bay and Ruma National Park, an attractively small park with many rare species south of Kisumu City. As per 2009 National population census, Kisumu had a population of 968,909 people and Kisumu covers 2085.2 square kilometer area as part of Kenya.

Attractions in Kisumu

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary - The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is just one kilometer from the city’s Central Business District occupying a 38-hectare mini piece of land that was created as a safe haven for impalas within Kisumu and its neighboring place but additionally, the sanctuary now protects not only impalas but lions, leopards, hyenas and jackals. The sanctuary also protects an estimate of 100 bird species that give its visitors a remarkably memorable birding experience.
Kisumu Museum
- Located along the Kisumu-Kericho highway, Kisumu Museum was established in April 1980 with main attractions translating lifestyles and diverse cultures of western Kenya, without leaving the community’s original clothing styles, pottery, basket weaving and weaponry and fishing styles. A typical traditional Luo homestead, Ber Gi Dala, will give you a sneak preview of how it was to be one of the many wives of a polygamous Luo man. Visit here, too, if slithering reptiles do not freak you out. Crocodiles, spitting cobras and some of the world’s oldest tortoises are found here. So paying a visit to this place one of the things you should consider doing.

Town tour on ‘boda boda’ and tuk tuk taxis - It has become a norm in the East African Great Lakes Region for people to travel around town on boda bodas, tuk tuk taxis and matatus so Kisumu is no exeption. To beat traffic jam, boda bodas and tuk tuk taxis will definitely not disappoint you during your tour of KLisumu city and its outskirts.

Kisumu nightlife

Several clubs and lounges have been put to give nights life in Kisumu and Club Signature is undoubtedly one hot spot to be in while in Kisumu City. Club Samba, Latitude Lounge, Barcadia Lounge, and Buddy’s Bar & Grill are other joints that can give you a groovy and relaxed evening in while in this western Kenya City of Kisumu.

Riat Hills
Riat is a place considered to be for mega real estate projects and one of the prominent figures with standard mansions is the former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Near Riat Hills are beautiful sites offering great views of Kisumu City, the lake and the nearby international airport.

Kit Mikayi

The famous Kit Mikayi rock formations on the Kisumu-Bondo Road have a legendary background, in the Luo language Kit Mikayi means “the stone of the first wife.” Because one old man was believed to love the stone than his wife so as a result he would camp there and his wife would be moved unwillingly to deliver to him food at the Kit Mikayi rock. So when anyone asked where he is, she would say he had gone to see “his first wife”.

Shopping in Kibuye Market

Located along Jomo Kenyatta Highway in Kisumu, this open market is believed to be among the largest open air markets in Africa providing agricultural produce from western Kenya and beyond with at least 5,000 traders based in it attracting a population of 100,000 customers on any day from the East African Great Lakes region and beyond.

The Dunga Hill Camp

This is beautifully located along the shores of Lake Victoria giving its visitors utmost leisure time as a camping, picnic site or a place for family or friends get together with energizing activities like Kayaking, boat riding, fishing, and birding.

 Hippo Point
This hippo point exist a stone throw from Kisumu south west of Dunga Village covering a 600 acre vast land on Lake Victoria shores famous for viewing hippos, from which it derived its name but that is not all, the hippo point has a fishing port as well as a camping site which gives visitors a comfort away from their homes.

 Kiboko Bay Resort
This is absolutely a romantic place for honeymooners and visitors who have for adventurous journeys and lovers of attractive nature like the impala, birdlife, wetlands and mangrove forests naturally in place under the watchful eyes of Kisumu residents and authorities.

 Luanda Magere

A legendary warrior whose tales indicate he never lost his war fights and could not be killed even when the Kipsigis engaged in several battles with their Luo neighbors but learnt they were no match to the Luanda Magere, they tricked him into marrying one of their beautiful daughters who was planted as a spy. She got to know Magere’s strength was in his shadow when he asked her to his shadow after falling ill that is when she leaked the secret to her people and Magere was struck on his shadow, died and turned into a stone which is in existence up to date, why wouldn’t you want to witness such?

Ruma National Park
With two serene campsites, the Nyati and Fig Tree, Ruma national Park harbors several animal species like the roan antelopes, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, bush pigs, impalas and an estimated 400 bird species that attract several tourists domestically and internationally..

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