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Mombasa is a coastal city of Kenya built on an island and expanded to mainland making it the oldest and second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi City with an estimated population of 1.4 million people by 2016. Mombasa has 4 major suburbs that include:

Mombasa Island- Known as Kizingo harboring the state house of Mombasa, provincial headquarters, Mombasa Law Courts, Municipal Council, Aga Khan Academy and other main nursery, primary, secondary schools and higher institutions of Learning making it the major residential areas of Mombasa.

North Coast- Linked by the new Nyali bridge in the north, this a mainland surburb of Mombasa linking to Kizingo and it is a prime and up-market residential area with several beaches, resorts and hotels, Nakumatt, Multiplex cinema, Nyali Cinemax Complex, schools and other shopping malls making it a self-contained area.
Other areas in the North Coast include, Kongowea densely populated by low income earners, Bamburi harboring Bamburi Portland Cement Factory and Haller National Park, Shanzu, Mkomani, Bombolulu, Kisauni and, across the Mtwapa creek, the attractive area of Mtwapa.

South Coast- Likoni is one of the areas in this suburb occupied by lower income and lower-middle-class neighborhood connected to Mombasa Island by ferry in the south and has a concentration of mostly non-Swahili Bantu tribes. Diani beach contains several of the beach resorts strategically located over the Likoni Ferry on the south coast of Mombasa. It is located some 36 km (22 mi) south of Mombasa city on the mainland coast and is a prime resort for many local and international tourists with a beautiful airport at the town of Ukunda offering flights tourists who fly there directly from Nairobi or any other airports and airfields within Kenya.

Mombasa Mainland- This mainland suburb has areas like Magongo, Makindani, Miritini, Changamwe which is an industrial area which containing the Kipevu power generation projects, the Kenya Oil Refinery Company facility, Migadini and Chaani areas border Kenya Port Authority, and Port Reitz which is home to Moi International Airport and Port Reitz Hospital.

Mombasa being Kenya’s chief port directly attached to the Indian Ocean has several beautiful attractions that attract both domestic and international tourists and they include; Fort Jesus, old Town, Haller National Park, Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, Vasco Da Gama monument, Nguuni wildlife Sanctuary and white sand beaches like Nyali, Bamburi and Diani among other many unmentioned attractions. A beach holiday in this coastal city of Kenya is one of the things you wouldn’t want to miss out accompanied by a visit to Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks with blue waters suitable for windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, and diving in Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

Mombasa has 2 great ports that include Mombasa Old Port east of the Island and. The old port is now used only by dhows and small craft, bringing trade from Arabia, the Persian Gulf, and India making the old city strongly Middle Eastern with narrow streets, high houses with carved ornamental balconies, and mosques and temples. It is the site of Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese in 1593–1595 and now has a beautifully interesting museum. There are Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals to cater for the Christian residents and visitors. A Hindu temple built in 1952 has a gilded dome where who practice Hinduism collect. Mombasa’s many historical and cultural attractions have made it a popular tourist destination. Kilindini Harbour located in the west connecting the Island to the mainland hence easing transportation of goods into and out of Kenya. It should be noted that Mombasa became a municipality in 1928 and attained council status in 1959 and later developed into a city.


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