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Thika is an industrial town in Kiambu County located on the A2 road 42 kilometres north east of Nairobi, Kenya next to the Thika and Chania Rivers with a population of 139,853 according to the 2009 population census and it increases rapidly. It is the administrative headquarters of Kiambu County.
Attractions in and around Thika
Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
This park is dominated by a small mountain covered in montane forest with up to 45 bird species, buffalo, Columbus monkey, baboons, bushbuck and impalas. Lord MacMillan is said to be the first European to settle here and his grave is located near the peak of Ol Donyo Sabuk mountain, his wife and the dog werealso buried near him and Louise who worked for the MacMillan’s from the time she was 13.
Chania Falls
Chania falls is the welcoming attraction at the entrance of Thika town with its perfect views captured from Blue Posts hotel on its well trimmed lawns adjacent to the Chania falls. This falls is a life adding falls given the fact that it refreshes your mind to the point of chilling your worries.
Thika World War Memorial Park
This park along General Kago road is the final resting place of the souls of gallant African Soldiers who participated in the world wars. A visit to this place will remind you of the dark past our fellow African fought to erase.
Fourteen Falls
The Fourteen Falls area is protected and equipped with a picnic site with a historical and religious importance both to the residents and Asian who used the site for recreation and spiritual rites, disposing of cremated ash in the river in the belief that it will go all the way to India through the Indian Ocean, thereby making it a shrine.
Sports Tourism
The County is home to some of the legendary golf courses established during the colonial era under the British Colonial Rule like Sigona golf course, Ndumberi golf course, Windsor golf course and Kiambu golf course. Sports fanatics especially those with love for golf can always visit them for a great sporting experience.
Near the Fourteen Falls lies Kilimambogo, a Swahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo and home to the late Great philanthropist Sir Macmillan and up the hill and his grave, his wife’s and their housemaid’s grave. This mountain lies in the middle of Ol Donyo Sabuk National park and visitors can reach here to commemorate the life of these deceased and ride back into the old days.
The Macmillan Castle
The size of land the castle sits on is quite shocking and you wouldn’t fail to ask yourself why a couple without children constructed such a big house and more interestingly, Lord Macmillan and his wife could spend one year in one side and move to another after. But since their death the castle currently displays remains of the mid 19th century architecture, storey high ceilings, and underground bankers, ceiling doors, frames and beams supporting the roof being oak wood imported from Scandinavia. This castle hosted famous people like the former American president Theodore Roosevelt who is said to have lived in this castle not only once but several times as he carried out a series of hunting trips, an act which almost cost him his presidential seat including the wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.